Fri Jan 10, 10:00 AM - Fri Jan 31, 11:30 AM (PST)

Online and Dharma College, 2222 Harold Way, Berkeley, California, United States

Working through Keys of Knowledge with Richard Dixey.

How is our experience being produced, moment to moment?
Could it ever be different?

A closer look at time and the operations of mind opens up a startling possibility: our ability to contact transformative knowledge may be far greater than we realize. This eleven-week class includes a short Thanksgiving break in between the first and second session.

Sat Jan 11, 10:00 AM - Sat Feb 15, 11:30 AM (PST)

Online and Dharma College, 2222 Harold Way, Berkeley, California, United States

Today we are looking for something. We all have our hopes, our goals. But it may be we have never been lost, and our searching is a mistake from the outset. If we have the key of knowledge, we may have at hand what we need to cure and correct; we may find that we are already free. When we are masters of knowledge, mind can allow; it can enter and overcome. It has the power to provide and cooperate, to cognize and make manifest.
Light of Lotus Master, 7

We take another path when we explore Lotus Mind, one that encourages us to grow into what Tarthang Tulku calls a new way of being: utterly embodied knowing. The intention is to open up dark corners and sharp hiding places, coming to understand the self-locking mechanism of the basement of our minds. We make friends with our concepts and our scare-tactics (Lotus Mind, 216, 215). Using inquiry and skillful explorations of our vehicles of body, language and mind, we rely on this third volume of the Lotus Trilogy to guide us into the “sacred valley of openness” found within every point. This is the first of a two semester course, but each semester can be taken on its own and can be taken in person or online. Prerequisite: Introduction to Lotus Vision; or another class in the Lotus Trilogy; or several semesters of courses in Revelations or Dimensions of Mind, or consent of instructor. Instructor: Abbe Blum

Mon Jan 13, 10:00 AM - Mon Feb 10, 10:30 AM (PST)

Online and Dharma College, 2222 Harold Way, Berkeley, California, United States

We will be using the Skillful Means 28-day challenge along with inspirations from Gesture of Balance. This class is for anyone wanting to set priorities for the week with a focus on concentration and setting goals for the month. It is all done with an aspiration to build our work/life balance. The class is a Monday-Friday and meets for only 30 minutes a day.

We will be working together by sharing our goals and paying attention to inner balance. It will end with a class project which will identify a unique task project that you’ve been wishing to achieve but for some reason, it has never materialized. Now, is that chance to bring that project alive! This class is for anyone interested in setting a personal goal and seeing your efforts realized!

You will need a copy of the Skillful Means Workshop book along with Special Notebook. All Coworkers with Wisdom will be invited into this challenge as a complimentary class along with the workbook. Please see Eben Perry for getting a free copy of the Skillful Means Workbook.

Wed Jan 15, 10:30 AM - Wed Feb 26, 12:00 PM (PST)

Online and Dharma College, 2222 Harold Way, Berkeley, California, United States

We continue our study of labeling and how it constricts identity. This term we look closely at abstraction and comparison. Pre-requisite: prior study of Lotus Language or consent of the Instructor.

Thu Jan 16, 1:30 PM - Thu Feb 27, 3:00 PM (PST)

Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, California

This ongoing course continues the study of mind and self. Making friends with mind, we develop clarity, peace and joy.
Pre-requisite: prior study of Revelations of Mind or Dimensions of Mind, or consent of the Instructor

Fri Mar 6, 6:30 PM - Sun Mar 8, 1:00 PM (PST)

Online and Dharma College, 2222 Harold Way, Berkeley, California, United States

Seemingly simple, mind and body are our gateways to experience.
Do we understand them at all? This weekend workshop will provide an introduction.

Chris Fernie has been teaching qigong and body mechanics full time for over 28 years.The practice focuses on vitality and clarity through energetic development.

Richard Dixey has been teaching non dual perception since 1978 in the Western esoteric and Buddhist traditions. What is mind, and how does it construct our experience of reality? In this first weekend we will look at the role of language, the construction of the ego and how conception colors perception.

Mon Jul 13, 5:00 PM - Sat Jul 18, 11:30 AM (PDT)

Ratna Ling, 35755 Hauser Bridge Rd, Cazadero, CA

The Extraordinary Potential of Being
Join us as we integrate body, language, and mind and deepen our understanding of what it means to be fully human. The transformation that we are aiming at operates at the level of the body, mind, and language. The retreat will consist of teachings, readings, practice, small group discussions, and periods for individual contemplation.

Before I depended. Now, I am free. (Venerable Tarthang Tulku, Lotus Orientation Manual)