Fall 2017 Pilgrimage to Kurama and Kyoto

$2222 usd
+ available add-ons
Wed. Nov 8, 12:00 AM - Wed. Nov 15, 3:00 AM, 2017 (PST)
Hotel Ms Gran, Kyoto, Japan  

2017 Reiki Pilgrimage - Nov 8-15
$2222 (airfare not included)

Experience the mountain where Mikao Usui received Reiki, and get reattuned at the source.

Tour Kyoto: 1001 Kwan Yin Temple, Golden Pavilion, Geisha District, Teramachi Shopping district, Gardens, Reiki Share and more.

Travel with ReikiMaster/Author Jessica Miller, Author of Reiki’s Birthplace

__ Very detailed message follows -first detailed Itinerary, then Trip details

Welcome Pilgrims,

So glad you are interested in this trip! You are getting this email because you either have signed up, or have expressed interest. Meal locations may change because of crowds and timing issues. Note: This email is very long and detailed. with many links. It is going to be a great trip!

The Tour schedule appears first. Details of how to register for the trip, what you need to know, etc. follow.

This is Jess’s 11th trip to Japan and her 5th tour group. Every trip we do the same core things, and try some new things as well.

Current Tour Schedule

Wed/Thu Nov 8th/Nov 9th ARRIVAl

Leave the US on Nov 8th, and arrive Nov 9th. (Details on which airport and arranging hotel shuttle below the itinerary. I will welcome you at the hotel, help you get checked in, and depending on how tired you are/what time it is show you around the area.

Fri Nov 10 - KURAMA

Be in the hotel lobby at 9:15am. I will hand out maps and info. We will explore down Teramachi, pick up some lunch stuff, stop at Starbucks, and take train to Kurama. Hike the front half of the mountain with frequent stops to explain what we are seeing, and some time to sit and meditate various places, Attunements on top of mountain where Mikao Usui received the energy. Early Dinner in Kurama Village [price included in tour] https://www.happycow.net/reviews/yoshuji-kyoto-33054
Post dinner Reiki in someones room.

Sat Nov 11 - KYOTO

Be in hotel lobby likely 7:30am, having already eaten. I need to check on exact time with front desk based on travel time to where bus tour starts. Kyoto Morning Tour- This is a whirlwind tour by bus of major Kyoto tourist sites. It will be very crowded, but is a great way to see many of the things people expect you to see in Kyoto, and take some great pictures. Kyoto Imperial Palace, Golden Pavilion, Nijo Castle. https://www.viator.com/tours/Kyoto/Kyoto-Morning-Tour-Kyoto-Imperial-Palace-Golden-Pavilion-Nijo-Castle/d332-2142KYO_N270/important-info
After the tour we will have lunch in Kyoto station, across street from where the bus tour ends. There are plenty of places to eat in the station, My plan is to go to the Ramen food court. https://www.kyotostation.com/kyoto-ramen-street-kyoto-ramen-koji/ This food court is one of the most unique dining spots i have ever been in. I recommend sharing bowls of ramen, so that we can try ramen from different parts of Japan. We will likely end up splitting up and meeting at a particular time because it is hard to get seats together.
Then we will go to Sangusangendo, which has 1001 life-size kwan yin statues. http://www.sacred-destinations.com/japan/kyoto-sanjusangendo We can get there with either a 30 minute walk, or a quick taxi drive. We will spend some time doing Reiki on all the statues. Then head back to the hotel by taking the train, or walking by the river (about 2 miles)
Dinner will be Conveyer belt Sushi for dinner near the hotel. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Musashi+Sushi/@35.0077692,135.7663962,17z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1ssushi!3m4!1s0x0:0xb7a56d575ebdf516!8m2!3d35.0089418!4d135.7687238

Sun Nov 12

Sunday Meet at 7am - walk a mile or take taxi to Kennin-ji
Kennin-ji is famous as the very first Zen temple in Kyoto. Zazen meditation class at this temple is held every second Sunday. (Nov 12th is the 2nd sunday) Here, the whole class will last for about an hour: two sessions of 20 minutes meditations followed by a lecture about the Buddhist priesthood with a cup of tea offered. 8:00 am to 10:00 am. No reservations are required in advance. As many as 180 people can join the class at the same time. Class Fee: 1,000 JPY/person (600 JPY/student)

Go to Demachiyanagi station for lunch at Falafel Garden, which has the best Falafel i ever had. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g298564-d1171752-Reviews-Falafel_Garden-Kyoto_Kyoto_Prefecture_Kinki.html
Take train to Kibune, go to Kibune shrine, hike up wild part of the mountain to Okunoin. Cross from Kibune to Kurama. Eat the food we brought. [we might have dinner in kurama, or at the Onsen but depends on our timing, so better to have food than risk going hungry ]

Go to Kurama Onsen - public outdoor bath/mineral hot springs. https://www.japan-experience.com/city-kyoto/kurama-onsen This is an optional activity, if you do not wish to go, you will be familiar enough with the train to get back to the hotel. It is an amazing thing to do, to be on Kurama, with nothing on your body between you and the mountain standing in hot steamy water. It’s open until 9pm. Why wouldn’t you want to come?
Modesty - There is a separate male and female side to the bath, but you are completely nude.
Tattoo - An unknown is how the Onsen will respond to any of you that have tattoos. Officially they have a no-tattoo policy, but they typically don’t apply that to foreigners. https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g298564-i2712-k9946906-Kurama_Onsen_Tattoos-Kyoto_Kyoto_Prefecture_Kinki.html . I was once told the no-tattoo policy has to do with the association of tattoos with the Japanese gangs/mafia.
Complexity - This is the etiquette of what you do to use a public bath. READ THIS http://www.sentoguide.info/etiquette

Mon Nov 13

Meet at 9:15 Daitoku-ji by taxi - The highlight of this is the temple’s lunch, https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g298564-d2077199-Reviews-Izusen_Daijiinten-Kyoto_Kyoto_Prefecture_Kinki.html but it has a number of sub temples, and lovely Japanese gardens including some famous zen raked gravel gardens. http://www.insidekyoto.com/exploring-daitoku-ji
afternoon: Free time or class suggested event.
Evening: Reiki Share with Hyakuten Inamoto 6:30-9pm http://komyoreikido.jp/english/e_share.html

Tues Nov 14

Free day, field trip or cultural activity.. this day is still being planned.
Evening: Gion Geisha Tour 6-8pm http://www.waraido.com/walking/gion.html

Wed Nov 15th

MK Taxi will take you to airport to head home. If you are in US, you will arrive on the same day earlier than when you left!
OR Extend your trip 1 more day for an extra $222 and attend the Handicraft Market http://happy-travelling.com/shop/hyakumanben-tedukuri-ichihandicraft-market-1/

Thur Nov 16th

Go home if you had the extension,
MK Taxi will take you to airport to head home. If you are in US, you will arrive on the same day earlier than when you left!

Tour Details

  • Register HERE Note: this is a new software package. I am still figuring out how to configure it, but it seems pretty smooth. I prefer you pay me by clash or check if you don’t have to use a credit card so i don’t have to pay the processing fee. My address is Jessica Miller, 928 Northampton St, Cambria CA 93428… email me at same time so i know it is coming.. or better yet give to me your money in person at a healing night.
  • We will be walking 4-6 miles a day, including hiking Kurama, about 1000 feet of elevation. Have good walking shoes, (a second pair might be helpful if we get rain). Spend some time hiking hills where you live or taking stairs. If you hike now, is no big deal, if you don’t, it can be a strain.
  • Get a copy of my book, “Reiki’s birthplace, a Site guide to Kurama mountain” on Amazon, and read it before the trip.
  • Passport- If you don’t have a passport, start getting one ASAP, it takes 4-6 weeks. If you do have one, make sure you know where it is now, so not a last minute -cant find it and must replace.
  • You can bring other non-Reiki people with you if you want, we have balance of Reiki and tourism
  • All activities on the trip are optional, and are included in the cost of the trip, and not refundable. If you want to go off on your own to do some other activity, it is your responsibility to let me know in advance, if reservations were required for the experience.
  • Some major group meals are included in the trip, but most are not. Our hotel is near a major shopping street with an assortment of restaurants, fast food, and a good convenience store. We will be eating a mix of informal quick food and nice dinners. If you have particular diet requirements, bring food bars or trail mix to supplement. Sanitation/Water/etc is better than the US.
  • Do NOT plan to use your cell phone. Put it in airplane mode, and set it to only work with wifi.
    • If you do actually use your foreign phone / SIM in Japan, it will be very, very expensive- an hour of calls to a local number plus an hour to the US, plus receiving the same would cost upwards of $400
    • Call your local carrier before you go if phone use is important to see what they say.
    • It is possible to rent a phone, but is easier to do without. research it before you go to Japan
    • I will likely have a phone borrowed from a friend so you can reach me.
  • Money - Have $300-500 for food and souvenirs turned into yen. You can get more money in Japan, but US credit cards are not universally accepted, and most ATMs don’t work for US cards. While the exact exchange rate goes up and down, for practical purposes, 1 yen is a penny. So 3000 yen is $30. The 100 yen store is one of my favorite places for cheap souvenirs. Everyday food is about what it costs in the US. However high end food is astronomical. Never eat anywhere that you can’t see the prices. Same on drinks.
  • Language - I DON’T speak Japanese. Most Japanese are not comfortable with English. This tour is an exercise in how to get around when you can’t read, write or talk. It is an amazing experience, but takes a bit of extra time to figure things out. A Japanese language book may be useful with pictures, but most of time just being observant, smiling, pointing and knowing how things work will get you through. We will also have some of my bilingual friends with us for part of the tour. Carry the hotel brochure with you at all times so if you are ever lost, a taxi can get you home.
  • Kyoto is a very safe city. If you leave the group, your biggest problem is getting lost and finding someone to help you find your way again. I will make sure you have a map.
  • We will get around using a combination of subway, walking, trains and taxis. One of goals of trips is that if you ever came back on your own, you would be able to get around without me.
  • Medicines, shoes, clothing. Bring whatever you even MIGHT need with you, including Aspirin, Digestive, Sleep aid, allergy medication (I use benadryl to help me with allergies and help me get to sleep). No special shots/vaccinations are needed to go to Japan. Most clothing/shoes are sized for Japanese smaller bodies.
  • Weather- Expect daytime highs in the low 60s, nights in the low 50s. Dress in layers, bring a rain coat. Bring a day pack to carry extra clothing and lunch for hiking days. We will be there at the beginning of fall foliage season.
  • Airfare/hotel shuttle is not included in the trip, people come from different cities or even parts of world.
    • If flying from US leave on Nov 8th, you cross the international date line, and arrive on afternoon of 9th. On the way back you leave on the 15th, and travel all day, and arrive in US on morning of the 15th.
    • (Your departure date changes to the 16th of you are doing the 1 day extension)
    • Fly to Osaka or Itami airports, NOT TOKYO (It would be like flying to LA to go to event in San Fran)
    • MX Taxi Shuttle will pick you at the airport. You pay when you get in the shuttle (or at a stopping point on the journey). its about a 2.5 hour ride to Kyoto from the Okaka. and costs about $40 https://www.mktaxi-japan.com/kyotoshuttle. Arrange this once you get your airline ticket.

Jessica miller

Hotel Ms Gran, Kyoto, Japan
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