Reiki 1&2 in Echo Park 2018/10/06

$399 usd
+ available add-ons
Sat Oct 6, 9:15 AM - Sun Oct 7, 10:15 AM, 2018 (PDT)
DragonflyHill Urban Farm, 345 douglas street, Los Angeles, CA, USA  

Turn ​on ​the ​healing ​power ​of ​your ​hands. ​Whether ​your ​goal ​is ​stress ​reduction, ​pain ​relief, ​self ​development, ​or ​a ​desire ​to ​help ​those ​around ​you ​this ​phenomenal ​weekend ​has ​everything ​you ​need ​to ​practice ​Reiki ​on ​yourself, ​friends, ​and ​family. ​ ​Our ​focus ​on ​practical ​uses ​, ​and ​innovative ​experiment ​driven ​approach ​builds ​confidence, ​give ​you ​everything ​you ​need ​to ​get ​you ​started, ​and ​deepen ​your ​understanding. ​

Class ​includes ​all ​the ​Reiki ​1&2 ​basics, ​attunements ​connecting ​you ​to ​the ​energy ​of ​Reiki ​1&2, ​instruction ​and ​practice ​in ​how ​to ​do ​sessions ​on ​yourself ​and ​others. ​ ​ ​Many ​practical ​techniques ​for ​common ​health ​issues ​are ​also ​taught, ​releasing ​headaches, ​grounding, ​charging ​objects, ​space ​clearing ​and ​more ​are ​also ​featured, ​including ​discussion ​on ​how ​to ​talk ​to ​family ​and ​friends ​about ​Reiki, ​Reiki ​on ​pets ​and ​much ​more.

Discover ​why ​Jessica ​Miller ​is ​one ​of ​the ​worlds ​best ​Reiki ​Master ​teachers! ​Her ​classes ​have ​been ​world ​famous ​for ​her ​innovations ​in ​making ​Reiki ​more ​practical ​and ​approachable, ​and ​for ​discussion ​and ​experiment ​on ​the ​deeper ​metaphysical ​framework ​that ​governs ​how ​Reiki ​works.

Classes ​are ​designed ​so ​that ​beginners ​and ​experienced ​Reiki ​Practitioners ​partner ​together ​to ​deepen ​their ​understanding ​and ​confidence ​in ​Reiki. ​Many ​students ​like ​to ​repeat ​the ​class, ​finding ​their ​experience ​deepens ​each ​time, ​and ​they ​get ​new ​insights ​and ​energy.

Class details

Class starts 9:15 am, Lunch starts at 1, class goes until sometime between 6:30-7 EACH DAY.
Snacks welcome, bring some to share. Bring a pen, and wear comfortable shoes. Tarzana location - socks recommended
The night before the Reiki class, there is usually a Reiki Healing Night at 7pm at the same location. Contact me if interested.

Repeating Student, Partial Class, and Referral Codes

The following codes are for people repeating the class, taking only 1 day or other circumstances.
I will verify in class registration that you qualify. MAKE NOTE of code so you can use it during registration.

  • Taking only 1 class day

  • Taking only 1 day of class is $225 (just a bit more than cost per day if you take both days)
  • Taking only Reiki 1- use code REIKI1
  • Taking only Reiki 2 - use code REIKI2


  • You were referred by someone to take the class, NEW students only. Also use this if met Jess at Conference
  • 10% discount. bring their contact info to class so i can thank them - use code REFERRAL10

    Reiki Master or “Jess’s Reiki Grandchild”

  • You are a Reiki Master from another school, or trained with one of Jessica’s students
  • 25% discount- use code RMDISCOUNT25

    Repeating this Level, having taken Reiki 1&2 before from Jess

  • 50% discount - use code REPEATJESS50

    Multi-Person Signup

  • If 2 or more people sign up together, get 10% off - don’t need a code, just sign up at same time.
  • If you are a repeating student, and accompanying your full price paying friend to a class - use COMPANION

Jessica miller

DragonflyHill Urban Farm, 345 douglas street, Los Angeles, CA, USA
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