San Jose, Dec 8 Deep Healing Day $199

$199 usd
Sat Dec 8, 2018, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM (PST)
San Jose Cranial Sacral, 541 W. Julian St, San Jose, CA  

Saturday: Deep Healing Day
Our focus is on you, and helping you heal and rejuvenate on all levels of mind, body and spirit. Workshop will include special focus on the needs of each participant, deep healing attunements, Reiki Explorer deep healing techniques, and in depth healing sessions on all participants. While only Reiki 1 is recommend to attend, workshop will utilize all levels of Reiki, including Karuna Explorer. Ideal for both new and experienced practitioners seeking to deepen their own healing, and learn by healing each other.

Also open to NON-practitioners with Jessica’s permission.

​Saturday will be a deep healing day, suitable for all levels of Reiki, to come and share energy in this space. We will do table work on each other.. and send energy to all those that have learned Reiki in La Crescenta and send it outward.

Discover ​why ​Jessica ​Miller ​is ​one ​of ​the ​worlds ​best ​Reiki ​Master ​teachers! ​Her ​classes ​have ​been ​world ​famous ​for ​her ​innovations ​in ​making ​Reiki ​more ​practical ​and ​approachable, ​and ​for ​discussion ​and ​experiment ​on ​the ​deeper ​metaphysical ​framework ​that ​governs ​how ​Reiki ​works.

Classes ​are ​designed ​so ​that ​beginners ​and ​experienced ​Reiki ​Practitioners ​partner ​together ​to ​deepen ​their ​understanding ​and ​confidence ​in ​Reiki. ​Many ​students ​like ​to ​repeat ​the ​class, ​finding ​their ​experience ​deepens ​each ​time, ​and ​they ​get ​new ​insights ​and ​energy.

Deep Healing Day details

Class starts at 10 am, Lunch starts at 1, class goes until 4pm – Note shorter day
Most go together out to lunch.
Snacks welcome, bring some to share. Bring a pen, and wear comfortable clothes.
The night before the Reiki class, there is usually a Reiki Healing Night at 7pm at the same location. Contact me if interested.

Jessica miller

San Jose Cranial Sacral, 541 W. Julian St, San Jose, CA
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