Longrifle Kit Building

$500 usd
Mon Nov 18, 9:00 AM - Sat Nov 23, 4:00 PM, 2019 (EST)
The Artisans Guild, 181 W. Jackson Street, Millersburg, OH, USA  

In this six day class, instructor Dan Fruth will teach you how to build a period longrifle using a kit from purchased from Jim Kibler.

Update: Orders for a kit from Kibler’s Longrifles must be place by August 16 to allow for production and delivery in time for class.

Kibler’s Longrifles produces CNC-carved flintlock longrifle kits. Precision stocks are made in Jim’s workshop with surfaces refined with little to no extra material left for removal and all bolt and pin holes are pre-drilled. Jim pairs each trigger with the lock. By using these quality kit, students are able to explore the process of period rifle building from start to finish under the guide of a well-known maker.

“This kit is a dream for experienced gun builders to be able to put together a kit where everything just works. It’s also an invitation to new gun builders to build confidence with a project that will let them get their hands dirty without the headache that can accompany a new venture.”

  • jimkibler.net

Rifle kits need to be purchased in advance by students from kiblerslongrifles.com. Wait times are commonly one to two months, so it is recommended you order by early August 2019 to ensure enough delivery before class.

Class Flyer (PDF)

Dan Fruth

The Artisans Guild, 181 W. Jackson Street, Millersburg, OH, USA
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