Post Mortem Course

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Tue 20 Aug 2019, 9:30 - 17:00 (BST)

Retrospective reporting of the actual severity of procedures has been a requirement since 2013, and it is mandatory to report breaches of severity limits to the Home Office. However, it is only necessary to consider harms caused by scientific procedures when making these assessments. For animals that are found dead or in distress, it can be difficult to know whether the signs are procedure related or not. A post-mortem examination can often answer this question, but a vet or pathologist may not always be available, and many technicians and research staff do not feel confident to carry out such a procedure themselves. However, a simple post-mortem technique can be easily learnt and quickly performed, to obtain basic diagnostic information from an animal which has died or has had to be killed unexpectedly, allowing the maximum amount of information to be obtained. This workshop aims to provide participants with the skills needed to carry out a basic post mortem examination and take appropriate samples, and an understanding of normal anatomy, to facilitate an accurate assessment of the cause of morbidity.

This basic rodent necropsy workshop will include;
• Background to pathological examinations- when to do them, how to store bodies prior to examination, recording your observations
• External examination of the animal
• Internal examination- identification of all organs and practical instructions on how to harvest them for further analysis
• Details of further laboratory techniques available to establish underlying pathology or cause of death.


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