Still Life in Oil Workshop With Jeff Legg

$595 usd
+ available add-ons
Tue Sep 3, 9:00 AM - Thu Sep 5, 4:00 PM (CDT)
Franklin Street - Classroom 1, 209 Franklin Street, Natchez, MS, USA  

Breathe light into your still life with a more thoughtful approach.

Jeff will combine vision and knowledge to paint extraordinary compositions. Learn how to think about painting “light” instead of objects. Jeff’s thought process will be revealed through setting up a concept and executing it by going directly to paint in this 3 day workshop. Daily demonstrations and commentary throughout the process will provide the opportunity to understand his paining methodology. There will be open discussion of material choices, prop selection, paint application, values, color palette and lighting. One on one critiques will be provided with special attention to individual needs.

I prefer smooth boards I prepare myself or I purchase pre-gessoed panels such
as Ampersand smooth boards. Ampersand is available in most art supply stores.
Small sizes are prefered for a workshop. (12” x 16” or smaller) I pre-tone my
boards to a medium semi- transparent value with about an 80% raw umber,
20% cobalt blue and Gamblin Slow Dry medum mixture prior to workshop and
allow them to dry. (Note: Do not add white to this tone mixture, it should be
The brushes I use mostly are filberts. I find that the filberts are the most flexible
of shapes, and can produce a variety of strokes. I also use a few flats and very
small rounds and a fan brush from time to time. I will be using brushes made by
Rosemary and Co. They sell a basic set and a complete set of brushes under my
name. Available at
I always have a narrow pointed painting knife or palette knife that I use for
certain paint applications and cleaning off my palette.
I’ve been using Gamblin Slow Dry and/or Gamblin Neo Megilp mediums for
several years. Both help speed the drying of oil paint. Slow Dry is a liquid and is
better for glazing and Neo Megilp is more of a gel and adds some body to the
paint. Gamblin is known for being health conscience and all of there products
meet a high safety standard.
Solvent is used to clean out brushes in between colors and before washing
brushes with soap and water. Again, Gamblin makes a very safe solvent called
Gamsol. All Gamblin products are available at most art supply stores. Please
store all solvents in a non breakable container with a sealed lid and keep lid on
when not using.
I will be using Gamblin oil paint for workshop demos. It is a reasonably priced
paint of high quality with a buttery consistancy.
I use these colors fairly consistantly on my palette.
Alizarin Crimson
Indian Red
Cadmium Red Medium
Cadmium Orange
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Lemon Yellow
Yellow Ocher
Cobalt Blue
Raw Umber
Ivory Black
Titanium White
Colors I sometimes use on special occasions are Prussian Blue and Permanent
Your preference

Cancellation Policy - Cancellation with full refund 14 days prior to event. 50% refund with cancellation 7 days prior to event. No refund for cancellations 6 or less days prior to event.

Jeff Legg

Franklin Street - Classroom 1, 209 Franklin Street, Natchez, MS, USA
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