Authenticity, Intimacy, and Trust: Creating the Relationships You Want

$367 usd
Sat Feb 8, 9:00 AM - Sun Feb 9, 5:00 PM (CST)
LifeWorks (East), 835 N. Pleasant Valley Rd., Austin, Texas, United States  

Discover practical, life-changing skills to:

  • Confirm that you’ve been heard fully and have heard others accurately.
  • Confidently understand what matters most, on a core level, in any situation.
  • Resolve differences in a mutually caring way.
  • Co-create solutions you want, free of demand, guilt or shame.
  • Foster openness and cooperation.
  • Find greater intimacy, trust, harmony, and connection.

Do you see me?

Most of us long to be fully authentic in our relationships. We want to be open and loved for who we are. Yet turning up with full honesty can be challenging and scary.

Do you hear me?

Most of us want to be heard accurately and seen for our intentions. But we wonder to ourselves, “Will the other person respond with understanding and empathy, or rather with defensiveness, misunderstanding, and blame? And when misunderstandings do occur — as they inevitably do — will we be able to restore connection and safety between us?”

Do you accept me?

Can we find greater empathy and understanding with and for our loved ones?

This will be an interactive and highly engaging program based upon the principles of Nonviolent Communication.

We are delighted that Houston NVC is co-sponsoring this event — they are an organization that envisions Greater Houston as a community valuing authenticity, compassion, and respect.

Dian Killian, Ph.D.

Lead Trainer at Work Collaboratively
LifeWorks (East), 835 N. Pleasant Valley Rd., Austin, Texas, United States