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Tue Oct 1, 4:00 PM - Tue Dec 17, 7:00 PM, 2019 (EDT)
Kids Make Guelph, 99 Wyndham St. N., Unit B1, Guelph, Ontario, Canada  

Builders is a weekly, self directed building session for kids. Bring your ideas, see what inspires you, or explore a theme designed to teach mechanical, electronic, or programming concepts. Flexible start time between 4 - 5 pm and end between 6-7 pm. For ages 6 and up*.

5 years ago we started offering building sessions for kids based on the idea that learning should be open ended and interest led, and that powerful experiences can be gained when kids get to sit in the driver’s seat. In that time we’ve observed the effects of allowing kids to play, build, and create this way in many sessions over time.

We believe regular practice of spatial mechanical manipulation, creativity, and problem solving, provides great benefits to kids, much like music lessons or sports.

It has been so inspiring to us that we’ve decided to offer longer term weekly sessions to provide the opportunity for kids to really experience the growth that’s possible with regular activities.

In our builder’s lab, we provide the tools, materials, and guidance for kids to dive in and start making.

Your child may have their own building inspirations or they can come to us for inspiration. We have many sample projects, books and magazine, and we encourage kids to share ideas. Adult mentors are also making things alongside kids when we’re not helping with projects. Best of all, the group inspires each other. One builder can inspire the whole room to explore an idea, each in different ways!

New this year, we will also be introducing concept stations, where kids will be challenged to try an idea and learn basic concepts that may be of interest.

Simple machines, basic circuits, motors, programming, and micro-controllers (we have microbits!!!!) are some of the things we will present. The stations are available to be explored when and how kids choose. We have seen over and over that kids will take the ideas we introduce and do awesome things! (Check out our “What we’ve been doing” page on our website for pictures of many awesome things).

With that we introduce our extended Builder Lab sessions, a regular weekly build that runs long-term so kids can truly benefit from their experience. These sessions will have start and finish times that provide flexibility. Arrive at 4-5 pm and leave between 6-7 pm. We recommend two hours but its about what works for kids.

*Please note, kids should be comfortable with hotglue.

Drop us an email with questions or register now.

Kids Make Guelph, 99 Wyndham St. N., Unit B1, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
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