Reiki Mastery in Montrose 2020/01/03

$999 usd
+ available add-ons
Fri Jan 3, 9:15 AM - Sun Jan 5, 6:00 PM (EST)
Standing Tall Chiropractic, 3436 N Verdugo Rd, Ste 250, Glendale, CA  

This amazing class will bring new depth and breadth to your Reiki practice, and enable you to teach Reiki 1&2 Explorer and Reiki Mastery Classes.

Reiki Master Explorer Practitioner (First 2 days of Class)
Includes attunements and ignitions to the traditional Reiki master symbol, and our school’s special Master Symbol. Reiki Master Practitioner is the degree that is most varied between Reiki schools. We give new powerful tools to make you an extraordinary Reiki Explorer including:
Review of basic principles of Reiki 1&2 Explorer
Time Line & Situational Reiki
Aura Strengthening Meditation
The body speaks: What issues in the body mean emotionally
Working with natural world/ sacred places
Calling in guardians for people, locations as full time protector spirit guides
The Energetic structure of the soul and how to help people who are stuck in life
Reiki for empaths
“How Does Reiki Flow Through a Practitioner?” experiment
Asking Reiki to heal us directly
Working with souls of animals, plants and other beings
Working with your guide committee
Reiki Master Explorer Teacher (3rd day of class, but must have taken first 2 days)
How to do attunements and ignitions, and how they compare including practice time
How to teach an introduction to Reiki 1 class in an hour
How to teach a full weekend Reiki 1&2 class
How to set up a Reiki business/ improve biz cards

Class details

Class starts 9:15 am, Lunch starts at 1 pm, class goes until sometime between 5 and 6:30 pm each day.
Snacks welcome, bring some to share if you wish. Bring a pen, and wear comfortable shoes.

The Friday night of/just before the class there is usually a Reiki Healing Night at 7pm at the same location. Contact me if interested - or (626)-963-3533

Repeating Student, Partial Class, discount codes and partial scholarship
New Student Taking only part of the class?
$225 per day - use code REIKI1 or REIKI2 depending on which day you taking
$350 per day - REIKI MASTER/KARUNA MASTER - Contact Jess for permission/how to do.

Training with Multiple Reiki teachers is a GREAT IDEA we support.
Your original class must have been of similar cost and duration.
25% discount- use code RMDISCOUNT25

Students love repeating Jess’s classes
Use this if you taken this level from Jess before
50% discount - use code REPEATJESS50
If repeating only part of the class- pay 1/2 of the repeating day price

To apply for partial scholarship, or work/barter opportunities, contact Jessica

Jessica miller

Reiki Master Teacher/ Reiki Explorer Founder
Standing Tall Chiropractic, 3436 N Verdugo Rd, Ste 250, Glendale, CA
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