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You are invited to take a deeply intimate journey with Ananta…

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Dear Reader,

I came across this notebook just by chance, sitting in a box in my Dad’s garden shed while clearing it out, it had been there over 20 years, almost forgotten, yet — somehow silently waiting.

Certainly, never was there an idea to share this notebook publicly with the world. Although I have always known there is a story or a book to be shared that comes out of that time, I had no idea it would be to share the innermost workings of my own mind/emotional and intimate process. For what?

I started reading it…

I am immediately transported back into that cell, as clear as yesterday and as alive as Right Now. To my surprise I can only read a couple of pages at a time as it’s all still so alive in my body… it hits my guts and turns ‘me’ inside out.

As I go through from page to page it feels as if I am there, except Here 25 years later!

There really truly is No time, it is all Here Now.

I watch as there are sudden moments of deep release, of spontaneous tears that are clearly held in the memory body, the organs maybe, I don’t know and I don’t need to know — I do know it is powerful to read this.

This was clearly the beginning of ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ in my own journey.

This is not for the reader who is not willing to go down the dark alley and face all the feelings that may be evoked, or to see the ways in which they distract themselves from meeting these places. Nor for the one who is not willing to look at themselves.

It is amazing to see the lucidity that was clearly Present right at the start of, and all the way through this journey… while going down into the dark corners, meeting and revealing the unconscious, and committing to feeling it all totally, while at the same moment watching it all.

Perhaps this could be of some support for the One who may be facing the dark night?

To see that right in the midst of what appears to be hellish, the light of Awareness still shines… that everything can and will be taken, except That which survives it all — to recognise OneSelf, to be the Truth of that Awareness after all?

To come to recognise the value of a tiny glimpse of blue sky, one moment of the brush of wind touching the skin… the gift of being free to walk and smell fresh air or to exercise, or how much a passing smile could mean to the one who is in suffering, and most importantly, the offering of simple kindness of the heart?

For that reason, as well as it being a true movement of releasing some energy, it makes it worthy for me to share.

I feel it is important to clarify that while there is some kind of releasing taking place in the process of this sharing that moves by itSelf, that it has nothing to do with a ‘somebody’ holding something that needs to be released in order to be ‘more Free‘ — it is simply Life freeing itSelf, revealing new forms, and I am just seeing it happen while Being amazed to see the forms being taken. Yet, it cannot make ‘me’ any more Free.

This is a daily account, my handwritten notebook of the duration of 4 and a half months while awaiting trial in Japan. Up until the time of being sentenced I was allowed visits, extra food, letters, books, etc. and was not forced to work.

Following sentencing, there was no more communication with anyone through letters (except family), no notebook that could be brought out — daily life became working in a factory, serving by forced labour, under very strict conditions.

During that process of roughly 2 and a half years, the extremes of suffering and Awakening were part of daily life.

Perhaps there will be a book to come, written freshly from Here Now… same moment.

The Gift in all this is, without doubt, what I share Now with Beings who are ready, those that are being drawn to Awaken and face it all.

Life itSelf has a way to miraculously provide everything that’s needed in exactly the right moment for our best evolution. And so it has happened that a Being has appeared in ‘my life’ at this point in the journey… who out of love, humility and commitment to Truth makes so many things possible for the message I now share and in ways that I could not do alone.

Deep and endless Gratitude, with all my heart, goes to Jo-Ann Chinn, who in no time at all put this book together making it possible for you!

I invite you to be total and Present to the movements inside while reading this…

With deep Love,


Ananta Kranti