NORM - Norwegian Raw Material Route

From 450 eur
Fri, 12 Jun 2020, 08:00–17:00 CEST
Norwegian Federation of Industries, NHO Building, Middelthuns gate 27, Oslo, Norway  
NORM - Norwegian Raw Material Route

Norwegian Raw Material Route (NORM) is a unique B2B networking event that connects the Norwegian agri-marine sector with the international petfood industry. Based on the highly successful “Meet-the-Buyer” (MTB) formula used in many other industrial sectors globally, NORM brings together sellers of high quality, innovative raw materials and “added value” ingredients (from the sea and land) and buyers of these products from international petfood manufacturers. MTB the buyer events are not currently found in the petfood sector, the “Norwegian Raw Materials Route” (NORM) is an innovative, pioneering event that will bring together the raw material supply chain with the end user in a resource efficient way, to develop business relationships.

NORM will bring together buyers of raw materials or ingredients (petfood manufacturers, Brand owners and traders) and the Norwegian agri-marine sector (sellers of raw materials, food/feed ingredients, added value products e.g. proteins and oils). The goal is to provide a cost-effective means of networking in a friendly, non-competitive environment to make and develop new business relationships to stimulate and drive growth to the mutual benefit of both the petfood sector and the Norwegian agri-marine sector.

“Norwegian raw materials into the World’s pet bowls”. NORM aims to unlock market opportunities for sellers by providing a unique opportunity for the Norwegian agri-marine sector to showcase their expertise in the development and manufacture of quality, sustainable and innovative ingredients.

NORM aims to provide increased opportunities for the petfood industry at sourcing quality, sustainable and innovative raw materials that offers opportunities to develop new and existing international markets The Norwegian agri-marine sector has a long track record of successfully supplying food ingredients into the human food sector that meet these criteria. They are therefore very well placed, in terms of expertise, innovation, availability and business ethics to satisfy the changing demands of 21st century pet parents.


Event Manager
  • Milka Kosanovic Tesla or Hans Jacob Skarpeid
  • +4790543063
Norwegian Federation of Industries, NHO Building, Middelthuns gate 27, Oslo, Norway
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