Liquid Intellect: Tea and Mixology Masterclass (Level 3 Module)

£600 gbp
Mon 7 Sep, 9:30 - 17:00 (BST)
UK Tea Academy, Sustainable Workspaces, 25 Lavington Street, Southwark, London, England  

The Level 3 Tea Master course has been designed for F&B and tea professionals, and for those who wish to achieve a very high level of knowledge and significant understanding of the many different aspects of tea.

People wishing to qualify as a Tea Master must first have completed the UK Tea Academy Tea Sommelier course. However, single modules may be taken by anyone interested in that topic and prepared to study in-depth to improve their knowledge.

To achieve Tea Master certification you must complete 12 modules plus self-study. To become a Tea Master, participants will be expected to have visited at least one tea estate during their study period.

Price per module

  • If qualified as a UKTA Tea Sommelier: £375 + VAT (total £450). Please email for a required discount code to make your booking.
  • Normal price: £500 + VAT (total £600). You may take this module out of interest but it will not count towards our Tea Master qualification unless you are a qualified UKTA Tea Sommelier


This one day course is designed to introduce and develop the key theories, skills and techniques of mixology. Your pre-existing industry knowledge will now be taken into the world of cocktail bartending – enriched with the same vast history, meticulous approaches and manifold applications as the world of tea. You will learn, debate, create and taste from a menu of exquisite cocktails, then go onto developing your skills by creating your own signature serves. You will infuse, extract, pour, stir, shake and strain. You will get your hands dirty. With practical workshops, demonstrations, games and tastings designed to push you to your limits, join us for a thought-provoking and immersive experience in how to best apply the power of tea to the science of mixology.


Module One – The Brain

  • The Professional Bartender
  • The Four Quadrants of Knowledge
  • From Punch To Present: A Brief History

Module Two – The Body

  • Tools, Garnish, Glassware
  • Bar Ergonomics & Mise En Place
  • The Mechanics of Mixology

Module Three – The Steps

  • The Flavour Bible
  • Syrups, Cordials & Infusions
  • Molecular Mixology: An Introduction

Module Four – The Serves

  • The Science of Flavour
  • Cocktail DNA
  • Signature Cocktails

Cocktail Specifications

  • Serve One (Build)
  • Serve Two (Stir)
  • Serve Three (Shake & Strain)
  • Serve Four (Throw)
  • Signature Serve


  • Exercise One: Identify, Taste, Explain
  • Exercise Two: Gin & Tonic Idol
  • Exercise Three: The Penrose Steps
  • Exercise Four: The Six Minute Menu

William Musgrave

Masterclass Tutor
UK Tea Academy, Sustainable Workspaces, 25 Lavington Street, Southwark, London, England
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