Distance Healing: Explorer Techinques - Spine/Digestion/Emotions/Habits/Virus - Online

$75 usd
Sat May 30, 7:00 - 9:00 PM (PDT)

Class is Now ONLINE

Part of being Reiki Explorers is that we are always discovering new techniques and ways of doing things. I recently figured a whole new set of these techniques that are very powerful for using on yourself and others that are surprisingly visceral and open new ways of doing things.

Spine: Working on the virtual spine to clear deep energetic issues, and improve mobility.

Digestion: Clearing digestive issues and emotional blockages through the system

Emotions: Looking at the energetic patterns of anger and worry in your life, and clear the connections between them and the past.

Habits: Energetic support for clearing old habits, and helping you work with your body to create new ones.

If time allows, will demonstrate other techniques i have been developing. Will be a great class.

Jessica miller

Reiki Master Teacher/ Reiki Explorer Founder
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