Introduction to Spoon Carving

$75 usd
Sat Oct 10, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (EDT)
The Artisans Guild, 6515 State Route 241, Millersburg, OH, USA  

In this introductory spoon carving class, Pennsylvania wood carver Dick Hetrick will show students the key skills in spoon carving. Dick has mentored under the noted David Fisher and exhibited at the Early American Artisans Fair in 2019.

Primary Skills Taught in this Class

  • Understand the key carving tools
  • Rough shaping a spoon blank
  • Safe hand grips when using sloyd and hook knives
  • Sharpening
  • Carving
  • Safe finishes for spoons

Class Prerequisites

To get the most from this class, these are important skills and abilities to have so the instructor can focus on the curriculum above. You don’t have to be a master, but it’s best to have reasonable confidence in these skills. We can help refine these skills in class if needed, but we likely won’t have time to teach them from scratch. When in doubt - ask!

Tool List

The following tools are required in order to fully participate in the class. Colonial Homestead, which hosts our workshop, typically caries basic sloyd and hook knives in stock. You may purchase the day of, or purchase from another retailer before-hand. Mora knives are reasonably-priced for getting started.

  • Sloyd knife
  • Hook knife
  • Sharpening media (if you have it)

Don’t fret about sharpening media; after this class you’ll have a better understanding of what to use and how to use it.


There is an approximate $15 materials fee for practice materials used in this class. Materials fees are paid for at the time of class. Be prepared to pay for materials on the first day (cash or check please).

Other Information

Dick Hetrick

The Artisans Guild, 6515 State Route 241, Millersburg, OH, USA
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