Nuhn - watercolor - Learn to Paint - Southwest Landscape and Cactus

$68 usd
+ available add-ons
Mon Feb 1, 9:00 AM - Mon Feb 22, 12:00 PM (MST)

This month we will focus on our beautiful desert landscape including painting some of our cactus.

Classes are nonrefundable.

The secret is out. Watercolor is EASY and FUN!!
Whether you’ve never picked up a brush before or you’ve been painting for awhile, this is for you. I am passionate about painting and especially love to paint animals, people, and flowers. Drawing skills not required!! Through Step by Step Demonstrations plus individual help you, too, will discover the joy of watercolor. Each month we will focus on a different subject and learn different techniques that can be applied to ANY subject including landscapes. You can work on your own projects or paint along with Sue. This class is open to all levels including beginners. So clear your walls because you’ll soon be hanging your own masterpieces.

Paper - Arches or Fabriano 140# Cold Press - two quarter sheets (11x15)
Brushes - My favorite watercolor brushes are Silver Black Velvet 3000S in 4, 8, 12 (rounds) and Raphael Kaerell size 0 (or any other small round for details in eyes) A good place to order from is online from or from Amazon. Arizona art supply in Sun City also carried the Silver Black Velvet brushes. They are at the checkout counter.

Palette - I use Holbein’s 30 well travel palette but in my studio I use Masterson’s Aqua Pro Watercolor Palette or John Pike Palette. Masterson’s has three large mixing areas which I like plus 32 wells. Stephen Quiller makes a fabulous palette in the shape of the color wheel.

Spray Bottle, paper towel, support board and tape or clips to hold paper, two water containers,

Sue’s Watercolor Palette
Vermilion DV
Hansa Yellow Light DV
Cad Red Lt DV
Arylide Yellow DV
Winsor Red WN
Winsor Orange WN
Red Rose Deep *DV
Quinacridone Gold DS
Carbazole Violet DS
Sap Green Graham
*Yellow Ochre DV
Olive Green DV
Raw Sienna *
Undersea Green DS
Burnt Sienna DV
Horizon Blue Holbein
*Quin Burnt Orange DS
Cerulean BlueWN
Transp. Mars Brown Quiller 1
Phthalo Blue DV
Ultramarine BlueDV
Burnt Umber DV
Payne’s Grey DV
Van Dyke Brown Graham
Sodalite DS
Sepia Graham
Hematite DS

Key: DS (Daniel Smith), DV (DaVinci), Quiller (Stephen Quiller), WN (Winsor Newton) H(Holbein)
BOLD = Limited Palette

Following are particularly useful for Pet Portraits
Red Rose Deep DV
Yellow Ochre DV
Raw Sienna DV
Quin Burnt Orange DS
Transp. Mars Brown Quiller
Cerulean Blue WN
Ultramarine Blue DV
Burnt Umber DV
Payne’s Grey DV
Burnt Umber DV
Van Dyke Brown Graham
Sepia Graham

You will have option of painting from your own reference photos or “Paint Along With Sue” where photos will be supplied

Sue Nuhn

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