ONLINE: Intro to Watercolour - Lauren

$70 cad
Sat May 30, 1:00 - 4:00 PM (EDT)
LucSculpture School & Studios, 663 Greenwood Ave., Toronto, ON, Canada  

In this three-hour zoom class, we will cover: basic tools and a handful of nifty techniques with watercolour paint to help improve your painting. Whether you are a new watercolourist or a returning painter these strategies will help you improve the clarity, depth and texture to your watercolour painting.
Learn about layering, washes, use of salt, wax resist, dry brush, graduated blends and wet into wet. We will learn techniques, with hands-on step by step demos and then put those demos into practice to paint either a landscape the instructor provides or an image you have. Enjoy painting in your own home with an instructor.

Materials You will need (anything you have is OK, if you cannot get them):

  • Several sheets of 11 x 14 Watercolour paper 140lb.
  • Watercolor set- either dry/moist pucks or tubes (minimum- yellow, red, blue, black) What ever you have on hand will do leonardo da vinci, turner or windsor newton are awesome
  • Palette if wet tubes of paint
  • Several rounds and flat-ended watercolour brushes
  • 2 water containers, paper towel, white wax crayon or candle, or masking fluid, green painters masking tape, the surface to tape your paper too, a wooden board or plexiglass would be ideal.
  • pencil, erasure
  • 2H pencil, watercolour pencils are optional but also great additions.
LucSculpture School & Studios, 663 Greenwood Ave., Toronto, ON, Canada
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