Minecraft U Online Camp -- July 13 - 17 -- Afternoon (1-3:15pm CDT)

$175 usd
Mon Jul 13, 1:00 PM - Fri Jul 17, 3:15 PM (CDT)
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Minecraft U has over six years of teaching Minecraft skills to kids age 6-16. The Minecraft U curriculum guides kids through 7 stages of skill development. Campers how to build, explore, use imagination in problem-solving. For our middle school students, we learn how to engage in logical thinking and how to cooperate on projects with other Minecrafters.

Your child will work online with the same instructor every day in a small group. Some competency with a keyboard and mouse will be required.

This summer there are more Minecraft challenges and projects than ever, as Microsoft has added many new features to Minecraft over the past year. Join us online, get into a virtual building session with your friends, and still have the most summer fun, while you stay safe at home!

The Minecraft U curriculum is filled with bite-sized challenges for younger players that build their basic skills sequentially. Soon they are ready to take on elaborate building challenges with other players and their instructors. For the experienced Minecrafter, we have an ever-expanding world for exploring and building. Along the way, our instructors throw out new problems to solve, new building features, new prime skills for excelling at Minecraft.

This camp requires a desktop Minecraft Java Edition license, available here, as well as a Discord account which can be created for free here. We will schedule a short parent tutorial via Zoom videoconference prior to the camps.

Daniel Miller

Co-founder, Minecraft U

Erin Middleton

Lead Instructor

Stewart Ball

Co-founder, Minecraft U
Minecraft U Discord Server
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