Minecraft Adventure Camp

$175 usd
Tue Aug 4, 1:00 PM - Thu Aug 27, 2:00 PM (CDT)
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This camp is an expanded version of our Level 7 curriculum. We’ll meet a few hours per week and have take-home assignments for each session. If your Minecrafter has worked most or all of our existing curriculum and is ready for a new challenge, this is the camp for them.

What’s the Minecraft U Adventure Camp all about?

It’s about diving inside Minecraft and learning how it works. There’s more to be done with Minecraft than just playing the game! There are many ways to modify the game, create new games within Minecraft, and even tell elaborate stories using the game as your medium. In Adventure camp we will be doing all of the above.

We run Adventure Camp like a web development team. Adventure Camp campers will develop their own modpack and map. They will work through a typical software design and development cycle, utilizing techniques such as design sprints, prototyping, user testing, iteration, and Kanban. Experience with these real-world tools is an excellent introduction to the processes that real software development teams would implement.

The best software product teams are a cross-functional mix of visionaries, creatives, detailed designers, technical experts, and organized project managers. Our Adventure Campers do all of the above! The team will make a fairly large and challenging map, with complex features such as a hub, and intricate game mechanics.

Daniel Miller

Co-founder, Minecraft U
Minecraft U Discord Server
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