Self-Compassion and The Path of Sorrows

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Fri May 28, 6:00 PM - Sun May 30, 12:00 PM (CDT)
Online Retreat  

As we slowly begin to emerge from the shadow of 2020, we find that the healing process is complex and woven, in part, around grief. How can we honor these sorrows with kindness and compassion? Our grief may be around a lost way of life, a diminished sense of safety, or the loss of being with those we love.

In this weekend retreat, we will learn to approach grieving, whatever its form, with acceptance, rather than regret or attachment to what no longer is, using gentle meditation, self-compassion practices, and personal journaling in a supportive community.

Together, we’ll learn about the stress response to loss, the limits of our cultural approach to grieving, and self-compassion practices to companion us through suffering. We’ll explore the Five Gates of Grief, and listen in stillness to our own Wisdom. We’ll identify the creative response that best suits our own process, and develop our own plan for healing.

(While this program may offer therapeutic benefit, it is not intended to substitute for therapy. Please consult with your own care provider regarding the appropriateness of this offering for you.)

Louisa W. Foster

Psychologist & Drama Therapist
Online Retreat
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