$425 usd
Mon Jul 5, 9:00 AM - Fri Aug 13, 11:00 AM (PDT)

This Class meets twice a week for 5 weeks Mon/Friday MORNINGS
(if this time is inconvenient ask about when next class will be scheduled at time you can attend)

NOTE: One student has requested that the Monday July 12 session be held or repeated on Wed July 14th because he cannot attend on July 12th. If that is a problem for you I will do the same material on both days)

Welcome to Reiki 1&2 Explorer Online

Everyone should learn Reiki 1&2 Explorer. It is a life changing class, giving participants the skills and confidence to do hands on healing on self and other, in person and over distances. Its mission is to empower students to help those they most care about on physical, emotional, spiritual and life experience levels.

Reiki explorer has re-envisioned the Reiki 1&2 class, adding extra empowerments, powerful Reiki techniques, and practical how-to information. Intended for those new to Reiki, there is enough additional class material to intrigue experienced practitioners.

Jessica miller

Reiki Master Teacher/ Reiki Explorer Founder