Karuna Master Explorer ONLINE - SUNDAYS 2:30-5:30

$1025 usd
Sun, Jan 22, 2023, 2:30 PM PST – Sun, Feb 26, 2023, 5:30 PM PST

Welcome to Karuna Explorer Online

The class is 3 hour lecture once week for 6 weeks.

PREREQUISITE: 6 months Reiki Mastery form any tradition

Class to be offered on ZOOM

Karuna Explorer is a set of healing energies channeled post Usui, gathered together into a cohesive system. Karuna explorer, is Jessica’s Miller’s version and expansion on the ICRT system of Karuna Reiki, based on having worked with it since 1995

Already a Reiki Master, and want to learn new skill?. Or have you learned Karuna Reiki and want a recharge? This is the class for you. Like much of Reiki explorer, our class starts with the core curriculum and adds additional powerful techniques to expand the range of issues Reiki masters can work with including several methods for soul level and generational healing. Karuna Reiki has always been my favorite.. come find out why!

Experimenting with a new format with less background lecture and more experiences and more personal attention and practice in later sessions. Estimating class at six 2-3-hour sessions.

Class includes Karuna one, helping you strengthen your divine presence on earth, releasing the patterns that have held you back. Karuna two, helping you accomplish your divine mission on earth. Mastery information will be tailored based on the interests of the class.

Karuna gets better with repetition..it is always an exploration, a deepening of the understanding based on where you are in your life, now.

Go ahead and order the CLASS MANUAL

Check Look inside for what we are covering.

Have you already taken Karuna Reiki, and just want to learn some new techniques?
(If you feel like forgotten everything, feel free to come as a new student)
Repeating student discounts.

Private classes can be arranged for an additional fee.

Jessica miller

Reiki Master Teacher/ Reiki Explorer Founder
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