Wisconsin Gift Week 2021 Volunteer Sign up

Sun Jun 13, 8:00 AM - Sat Jun 19, 5:00 PM (CDT)
Sheboygan, Wisconsin  

A Gift Week event in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Payment covers ground school, supplies and the lunch daily at the event. Flying is intended to available and option TBD closer to the actual event. Variety of instructors teaching ground and some breakout sessions as some group to focus on specific needs. One week of Networking, making new friends, learning and overcoming hurdles to your training. Ladies only as attendees. (men at the event are instructing, volunteers and our cheerleaders!)

We need volunteer Instructors and aircraft if able! Generally the event the flight and ground instruction is “free” but aircraft is paid by the flight hour used by attendees as they fly. We do cover the housing and most meals for the volunteer instructors. If bring a plane we can discuss costs involved.
Currently have a C182 (instrument/commercial)
Cherokee 180 for private student and or instrument
potentially a tailwheel and we hope can find another aircraft to be loaned for the event along similar primary trainer type.

we usually have 10-20 attendees and hope to have 3-5 aircraft available.
Generally most are student to private pilot level, but we often get some advanced students also. Our goal is to fly each attendee at least once a day maybe twice.
We usually offer flying throughout the event, but depending on the availability and weather we could plan options of like a planned days of flights with less ground school etc. The flight flow is generally fly 45 minutes to an hour each flight.. if we break and have a dedicated plane for instrument/commercial prep those flight would possibly extend the flight time and maybe a second advanced attendee riding along (swapping or such).
We hope to gain instructors who have experience and comfort dealing with students who have had training and the instructor is adaptable to working with that and progressing for those students maybe doing everything safely but minor techniques different but safe etc.. We also like having instructors with expereince in analyzing and can retrain or work with a few may attend with strong fears or experienced some improper training (these attendees tend to return home and find better schools/instructors or search us/you out to finish their training
This is not the usual set up of longer lessons most might be used to at regular facilities as tend minimize the pre and post brief and ground is covered in the classroom.

Bridgette Nottestad



Sheboygan, Wisconsin
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