TRUTH HEALS with Ananta ~ A Monthly Subscription Series ~ Next Meeting May 20th at 6 pm BST

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Thu 1 Apr, 18:00 - Mon 31 May, 20:00 (BST)
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❤️ You can join this group at any time. Our next monthly meeting is on Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 6:00 pm BST (London Time). Monthly subscribers receive access to the latest video replay and audio file download. You can join for just one meeting or journey on with us each month. Full details on subscribing monthly are in your confirmation email.

A Radical Shift in Consciousness is taking shape.

What if we are being called to an unimaginable rebirthing of this whole universe?

What if you were made for exactly what is happening Right Now as part of a radical transformation?

This is an opportunity to journey with Ananta and a growing community of Beings Deepening in embodied realisation.

Here is an invitation and opportunity to come together with Ananta and a deeply connected field of Beings once a month, to rest deeply at the core of Being, and open for the deepest intimacy and exploration.

Join a deeply connected field of Beings journeying both alone and yet together with Ananta, deepening through taking on and living into what is transmitted through these powerful meetings as well as One’s own realisation.

This is about Embodying what is Realised.

By merging with each unique Being she interacts with, Ananta has the gift to see deeply into core wounding/patterning, offer valuable reflections and empower each one in their own recognition and support the living of That into daily life.

There are no levels in our deepest Essence, no separation. However, In the maturity of integrating this recognition into our personality levels there are different stages. Those Beings who journey with Ananta vary at all stages and are met where they are in their own unique process.

Who is this for?

This is for all Lovers of Truth wishing to join Ananta and a group of Awakening Beings in an ongoing intimate field.

What is this life really all about for you Now?

What is the most important thing for you on a daily basis Right Now and in all of life?

This meeting is FREE and inclusive in our “Living Awake Full Membership”.

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