Align to your Inner Light

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Thu 6 May, 18:00 - 19:45 (BST)
Online Zoom Video Conference  

As our lives and world continue to transform, taking time for self care and rest is essential.

As the veils are thinner and new Light is emerging back onto the earth this is the perfect time to meet.

You are invited to join us for meditation, Talks & Q & A

We want to make this particular meeting available for everyone, so we have made the pricing “by donation” with a low minimum donation for those who have limited income.

Your donations are appreciated and serve towards us investing in better programs etc. Blessings for this work.

An invitation to come together, rest deeply at the source, and open for a deep meeting and exploration.

Is there a calling to align with your inner Light and stillness amidst the constant changing news?

The long lockdown situation for all around the globe on the surface of our shared life asks us all for some level of surrender, change and invites a time of ongoing transformation, this takes different forms and expression for each one…

Yet, we are in this together As One.

Let’s come together and drop deep in the silence of Being, where we are undeniably One and the same; we can and do know this intimately and directly without the thinking mind…

A complete and radical shift in Consciousness is needed within each and every One as we move with the times.

Right now we are presented with a grand opportunity for all of us to get clear about what we are Here for on this Earth and align to this clarity from a deeper knowing and each play our unique part.

This is an invitation to drop into the depths of Who and What One Truly is, together as One.

This session begins with a guided dropping into the depth of pure BEing where all sense of separation falls away.

Ananta then opens for transmission, talks and interaction. And will also share details about upcoming opportunities and take questions.

These meetings are a powerful opportunity for Profound Exploration and transformation.

This Meeting has a ‘Suggested Donation’ of £15.

However, as we would like to make it available for everyone, we are making a sliding scale available for those who cannot afford the suggested amount or would like to pay less for personal reasons.

We are grateful for all donations as this allows us to invest in platforms and programs that allow us to offer a better service for everyone.

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Ananta Kranti

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