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Fri Jun 11, 5:00 - 7:00 PM (CDT)
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Thank Goodness It’s Friday Minecraft!

Here at Minecraft U, we know it’s a long week now that school is back in session. With online classes testing everyone’s patience and attention. why not let yourself and the kids get some relief when Friday arrives? That’s the purpose of TGIFM! A little of play time for the kids, and a little quiet time for you.

What is TGIFM?

It’s a long block of Minecraft playtime time after school on Fridays, when the kids can get onto our secure Minecraft U server and get engrossed in a group build project. More than likely, we’ll be building a cosmic castle, with all sorts of lofty towers, draw bridges, and hidden passages . More advanced players will be able to design and make Redstone contraptions, automatic farms and bots.

TGIFM will run from 5pm until 7pm Central. You can drop in anytime during the session and leave whenever. We’ll have a few of our instructors online, monitoring, answering questions and guiding activity, but mostly you can just work on the castle and add your own unique elements to the structure. Hang out as long as you like and come back the next week to do some more construction.

TGIFM is an inexpensive, fun way for kids to decompress and be rewarded after another long week of online school, while mom and dad get a little time to relax, too!

Photo by Laura Peruchi on Unsplash

Stewart Ball

Co-founder, Minecraft U
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