$620 usd
Mon, Mar 20, 2023, 9:00 AM EDT – Fri, Mar 24, 2023, 4:00 PM EDT
Aya Fiber Studio, 170 NE Dixie Hwy, STUART, Florida, United States  

Indigo is an ancient dye derived from the leaves of plants and surrounded by magic, mystery, and folklore. Discover how the leaves ‘make blue’ by learning about the character and chemistry of the natural indigo vat. The complex chemistry of the indigo vat is fascinating and students will soon appreciate how rituals have grown around the making and using of a successful vat.

The unique ‘attaching’ of indigo to fiber means it is particularly suited to resist methods of dying, such as shibori, where portions of cloth are closed off to the dye or where the flow of dye is restricted. Different shades of blue build on the fabric after several dips, exhibiting the beautiful graded hues which are so typical of indigo.

Students will learn how to make natural Indigo vats. We will make a Fructose vat and an Iron Vat. I will discuss some of the history of Indigo in the US . We will discuss the proper preparation of fabrics for dyeing and have a pot for scouring fabric. Finally, we will learn many traditional Japanese Shibori techniques. Fold & Clamp (itijime) Stitched Shibori ( Nui) Shibori on the pole (Arashi) Tied Shibori (Kumo) and Stitched and tied (Maki age) I will also show some techniques I learned in my studies in Japan.

Materials Fee List Supplies for students to bring

1. 1 pair of new rubber gloves (dishwashing-long)

2. a seam-picker or a small pair of sharp scissors

3. an old shirt or apron – and please wear old clothes

4. package of rubber bands- assorted sizes

5. sewing needles with a larger sized eye

6. (1) item of clothing you wish to “upcycle” with your new skills not too large as we will be sharing a vat

7. Fabric and scarves- Natural Fibers ONLY- linen, silk, cotton, scarves are acceptable. Bring several pieces in several sizes. Usually the 1st few days it is best to work on sample sized pieces ( 14 x 24”) you might doe 3-4 per day. As the week progresses, you will want to create larger pieces and maybe even yardage to make a garment

8. cotton string for tyeing ( thin to thick)

Supply fee: $60

Materials List: https://www.ayafiberstudio.com/workshop-materials-links

Suzanne Connors

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Aya Fiber Studio, 170 NE Dixie Hwy, STUART, Florida, United States