Sonicwall Network Security Professional (SNSP) course EN

$1890 usd
Mon, May 22, 2023, 9:00 AM GMT+2 – Tue, May 23, 2023, 5:00 PM GMT+2
Virtual Class Room  
In the progress of this course our students will learn to configure VPN Auto Provisioning, Advanced Routing, Configuring Advanced Interface Settings etc. 
As well as learning the usage of SonicOS CLI and Resolving and Reporting False Positives. 
This course offers 16 different course outlines which are listed below. 
And upon completing this course successfully, students will be able to demonstrate SonicWall product expertise and the application skill sets required to mount a proactive, effective defense against current and evolving network and cyber security threats. 
Our course outlines: 
  1. Course Introduction and Overview 
  2. Configuring VPN Auto Provisioning 
  3. Configuring Advanced Routing 
  4. Configuring Advanced Interface Settings 
  5. Using SonicOS CLI 
  6. Configuring Capture Client 
  7. Capturing and Replaying Packets 
  8. Configuring DPI‐SSL/TLS Server 
  9. Configuring DPI‐SSH 
  10. Configuring App Rules 
  11. Configuring App Control 
  12. Configuring Advanced High Availability 
  13. Excluding Trusted Content 
  14. Resolving and Reporting False Positives 
  15. Configuring Content Filtering 
  16. Implementing Best Practices 

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Virtual Class Room