Let's Tell Jokes! -- Wednesday 12:00 to 12:55 -- (Elyce Picciotti -- Tulane PhD Student)

Wed, Jun 14, 2023, 12:00 PM CDT – Wed, Jul 19, 2023, 12:55 PM CDT
Lakeshore Campus  
Building a repertoire. Working on timing and delivery. Keeping a "comedy journal". Establishing rapport. Respecting all boundaries.

When the world goes crazy, laughter keeps us sane. A perfectly placed witticism, or look, or pause, can cut through an awful lot of crazy.

We will share funny jokes and stories, learn how to remember them. We’ll practice timing and delivery and learn how to keep a ‘comedy journal.’ We will watch some of the masters and hear from some local comics. We will celebrate the absurd. Most of all, we will make each other laugh (while respecting all boundaries).

Hi! I’m Elyce Picciotti, and I been many things in my life. Today, at age 65, I’m a full-time student at Tulane University, working on a PhD is aging studies. My hair is white, my bones creak, I need new glasses – and I laugh every day. Come join me!

Elyce Picciotti

  • People Program Staff
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Lakeshore Campus