Science and Faith, Implications for Health & Disease -- Wednesday 12:00 to 12:55 -- (Ian Wick, PhD)

Wed, Jun 14, 2023, 12:00 PM CDT – Wed, Jul 19, 2023, 12:55 PM CDT
Lakeshore Campus  

Science & Faith:

Faith as a coping skill or buffer against predisposing (eg genetic, unhealthy habits like smoking, morbid obesity) and triggering risk factors for all chronic diseases

  1. DNA the Language of God (Collins, 2006)
  2. The Discovery of the fine-tuning of the laws of physics to permit evolution life and specifically human life -- Anthropic Principle (Carter, 1973)
  3. The big bang or the moment of creation of all time, space, and matter. 13.8 billion years ago

Ian Wick

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