In two days,I was able to increase my speed and accuracy 50%.The instruction is top notch.Thank you,Rossen,Joann and Brian


Excellent class. The fundamental approach to the proper and correct way to do things I think is very important. I have taken other classes that focus on speed more so than true marksmanship and a person needs to be able to do both. I am not there yet, but I can see by using TPCs approach and technique as the base will drastically help me in the long run. If the platform and muscle memory is correct to begin with and in the subconscious, then the mind can relax and has the ability to process other things. Brian did an excellent job of explaining things but I have to give most credit to Rossen for taking that little extra step and explaining it a little bit better in a way that my brain could properly interpret it. Rossen and his “feelings” analogies were spot on and that made all the difference. Without Rossen’s input and extra explanations I am not sure if everything would have made complete sense and fear I may not have had those “ah ha” moments that I did experience with Rossen’s guidance. I very grateful he was there to help and make my experience that much better. Hope to take another class with him again someday.


For anyone seriously considering learning proper firearm training and skillsets; TPC is the team and the place to do so. You will be mentored by highly skilled world class competion shooters and professionals
Their successes are measured from each students success.
The TPC Team is simply outstanding and has a great programs in place to meet your personal goals.


I have attended TPC’s 3-day and 2-day handgun mastery courses. The 2 day course and instructors were awesome. I wanted to attend the 2 day course to help reinforce the techniques learned during the 3 day course. After attending the 2 day course I competed in an indoor GSSF competition and shot two perfect scores utilizing the techniques from TPC. I also took 1st place in by division at last nights IDPA match. I can’t say enough about the instructors and material presented at TPC. I have over 30 years of hand gun experience, a NRA LE instructor and have been through two police academies and TPC taught me more in either the 3 day course or the 2 day course then what I was taught during all my law enforcement training. I have even started using the techniques with my new law enforcement students. If you are on the fence about attending either one of these two courses jump off it and go take the course it is well worth the money and time. Thank you to JoAnn, Lex and Jeffrey for another awesome TPC experience.


I have been shooting most of my life and I have have military experience. I have never seen anything like what TPC is teaching. These folks will take you to the next level.


Day and night difference between my shooting ability in just 3 days. Really looking forward to seeing how much more I will improve with more practice.


Loved attending the Handgun Mastery course! The instructors are some of the best I have ever worked with. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about becoming more proficient in their firearms manipulation.


Most valuable experience yet on the range. Excellent instruction and demonstrations.


TPC provides great training for all levels of handgun shooters. Ross, JoAnn, and Aaron provided excellent feedback for a newbie like me (under 2,000 rounds before attending) and at the same time provided the same level of service to the more advanced shooters. I feel like they provided incredible instructional advice at a great price. I walked away thinking they gave me all the handgun “secrets” that I can take home and become a solid shooter!


How you create performance with the pistol and the mechanics of doing so are covered in tremendous detail in Handgun Mastery. As a somewhat competent shooter myself, it was an opportunity to specifically focus on the fundamentals and to add layers to my existing system. It is always a question of how much can you process in a single class; the information is wide and deep which at times can seem overwhelming. After working through that information at home, coming back gave me the ability to add on more nuanced pieces and to better apply the principles in practice. Look forward to pushing the line again at the next course!


Excellent course and instructors. I was blown away on the instruction from the ground up on what it takes to get a good shot off. It gave a new insight to pistol handling skills. Thank you for the instruction.


It is so good to be able to have TPC come out and teach in my neck of the woods. An amazing as usual. This is my 3rd class with TPC (1st was Handgun Mastery and 2nd was Competition Pistol 5 day Supercamp) and it was amazing. Dialed me in and diagnosed couple issues I had developed when I started shooting Open division.


World class instruction at a great facility in Custer, WA (Thank You, Jason). Great progression of material - logically presented with appropriate time for practice. Excellent instructor/student ratio. I am looking forward to continuing training with them. Thank You Rossen, JoAnn, and Aaron!


Great class, awesome communication, clear concise lots of help and plenty of practice as well.


I had a fantastic experience with TPC. I came into the course with only the most basic knowledge, and over the course of the weekend I felt and saw significant improvement in my skills. Brian, JoAnn, and Rossen were a great team of instructors; each of them brought something unique to the instruction with their individual styles. I am planning to attend another course in the future.


Fantastic training. Highly recommended. Will be taking additional trainings in the future.


My second class. Its always a blast, and every single instructors are awesome.


Every aspect of this class is absolutely fantastic. The instructors are very knowledgeable, patient, and fun to work with. Their attention to detail and ability to articulate every nuance of a proper shooting technique is amazing. I cannot more highly recommend taking any class from TPC.


Overall, amazing instruction and attention to detail. There is an information overload and they encourage to take notes and ask all the questions you can. These instructors are incredible shooters that I am grateful to learn from.

I would say that TPC has had a LOT of challenges the past few months, with their range being shut down, and the death of Co-founder Ron Avery. A lot of changes had to be made. They have handled this difficult time with pure finesse.

These instructors KNOW their craft. They KNOW how to teach it, too. What more can you ask for? Thank you, TPC!


The class is exactly what I needed. Make sure you take good meticulous notes, you receive a mind numbing amount of information. The instructors were great. Glen opening the day going over everything you would go through at the range was very helpful for me to understand what I needed to concentrate on at the range. At the range, sorry Glen, but that’s were JoAnn was a superstar. She has a gift for diagnosing people’s problems, whether it be grip, stance, didn’t matter, and explaining it in a way you understand and are able to correct your problem. I will be taking everything I learned and working on it both live fire at the range and dry fire at home. I will definitely be back to drive everything home even Mo Betta!


Really enjoyed the class and training. Instructors were terrific. Especially JoAnn and Lex. Their observations and tips really made a difference. I’m excited to digest all the information I received and to apply that to my continued training at the range. Hope to be back at TPC for further training and instruction. And to get “MO BETTER.”


Whether you’re a noob or a guru, this crew will help you exceed your objectives, polish your strengths, identify and correct your bad habits and inspire you to be even ‘more better!’ The exceptionally high instructor/student ratio means you are almost never shooting solo and the immediate redirective feedback helps you prevent minor flaws from slipping back into your performance. Several of the class were repeat attendees. Next year I will be one of them.

June Egi

I learned a lot in two days, and the awesome instructors made it even better. I’ll be back again.


JoAnn, Glen, and the crew put together a great learning experience for competition shooters. The material ranged from a solid refresher on stance , grip, and trigger control, to stage planning, movement, and footwork. I’ve got tons of things to work on when I get home. Highly recommended.


If I could give 4.5 stars, I would — the course curriculum was fantastic, and JoAnn, Aaron and Rossen were both consummate professionals and very effective instructors!

Being new to shooting, let alone competition shooting, it was likely a bit of a stretch for me to take the course at this point in my shooting ‘development’. And though at times I may have looked a wee bit overwhelmed (and even felt such, on occasion), it never struck me as though I was being left behind. So it was money very well spent, and I’ll certainly be making the trip to southern Utah in the near future to further build out my base in Reactive Shooting Science / the TPC doctrine! (I’m all about systematic, well thought / laid out approaches, and Reactive Shooting Science appears to be just that.)

The one very minor critique I would have is around the extent of the written materials that were provided during the course. Trying to take notes in the midst of a live-fire module is a great idea, and indeed may work for some (many?). However, I found I wasn’t able to do it efficiently, or anything approaching completely (quite possibly a function of so much of the material being new to me).

In any event, having a full-on, complete book to be able to refer to, and to jog my memory over the coming months as I put in the training time, would have been a great add-on to what was, again, a fantastic curriculum taught by excellent instructors.

Mike L.

Vancouver, Canada


Overall, the quality of training and instructors were superb. No changes to the curriculum, except perhaps add an extra integration session daily pre-lunch (but that’s a nitpick).
My only suggestion is a more clearly defined path after the course for continuing education/training. I want to come back, and I can even see the value in attending handgun mastery a second time, but I want something else to grow into. New skills to isolate and improve, new drills to learn, etc.