Rich April 4, 2020

This course greatly increased my understanding of the different ways companies and individuals need to think about business agility, in accordance with the six XSCALE principles. For example, I learned how companies need to go beyond traditional cost accounting to maximize throughput. Overall, I learned how to have very different and impactful conversations with company leadership around what an agile transformation should include and how it can positively impact a company’s bottom line and decision-making.

Andrew December 24, 2019

Eye-opening sessions. Going back to the absolute basics and weaving them into a much simpler implementation of the physics of organizations and work than other Agile (not so much) scaling approaches. Dying to enroll clients in what would be possible for them if they adopted XScale.

Wouter December 23, 2019

The training was really great. Peter is a great storyteller and it nice listening to him. Sometimes is a bit hard to over see the whole course.

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