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Ananta and sangha are life altering in a beautiful way.


If you are looking to go deeper into yourself, Ananta is so very true that you can trust her every word. My interaction with Ananta and the sangha over the past year is like medicine for the soul.


From the beginning I felt home as if with a kindred spirit, a sense of complete trust and knowing all was from the sacred space that lies within each of us. It is in this space and from this space I through life learn to perceive myself and my world. Ananta is this essence made visible. I thank you for this gift today of just being in a state of what I call grace to be one in our sacred space within us where we are Divine beings and our true selves in a journey of loving the essence of who we are in this world. It is in this we can in truth come to love all within in our universe. Thank you Ananta for sharing yourself and your time with us. I thank those who so freely shared their selves you could see their Divine being shinning through! I was deeply effected and moved from within.


Ananta is the embodiment of real freedom and truth. I am deeply touched again and again by her love for the truth, her compassion and her empathy.

love Anna


Retrait was an impressive piece of true and rare mastery, blessed that I have encountered Ananta on my path


This Easter Retreat has been such an intense deepening in meeting life’s challenges from stillness, and not trying to jump over, than I have ever experienced before. Thank you Beloved Ananta for showing us how to meet the whole life not just Awarenes - I know you understand what I mean.🙏❤️


Really appreciative of Ananta’s unique expression. Her spontaneous meeting of needs. The powerful transmission that holds the group. Clarity of meeting each person in consciousness, with consciousness. Very natural, grounded approach. Beneficial to hear Ananta’s expanded wisdom. It would be nice from this time zone to have a later start, as usually I get to bed at 2am so getting up for a 4.30am start is a bit of an adjustment, obviously shows how I find the value of attending. It is healing, especially for the parts that survived a hostile, shame based environment, to be held in a safe, loving environment, thank you.


Getting involved in a “love affair with life” for eight weeks with Ananta helped me to bring to light the deeply hidden obstacles of an early trauma from the depths of the unconscious. Both pairwork and the personal meetings with Amnanda turned out to be in-depth experiences in self-exploration. Feelings of inferiority, insecurity, self-doubt, fear and ….., Which we like to hide from ourselves behind a facade, were allowed to simply be, were welcomed with love. To experience this acceptance, the self-evident acceptance and also justification, helped that repressed experience in early childhood can be revealed. These experiences open up a relaxation in one’s own energy system that leads to healing. Ananda has this wonderful gift of taboo acceptance, lives it authentically and creates a humorous and loving atmosphere in the meetings that encourages you to open up courageously to your own life, everything is welcome, may be and show itself. Inferiority, shame and guilt also found their way into the light. In this context, I found self-exploration with a partner to be particularly supportive. For this purpose, Ananta asked five questions every week about a certain aspect of our own life. This self-exploration took place in a fixed setting and made it possible to unmask resistance, to discover the unknown, to open up more access to oneself in order to develop joy and love there too. These eight weeks, without all the holy bells and whistles that one often encounters in the spiritual scene, were profound, healing and liberating. If you really want to get to know each other and get rid of all ballast, Ananta is a competent, experienced, spiritual “guide” with a clear view and a big heart to which nothing is alien. 🙏💗💕


Wonderful to sit with beautiful people and do enjoyed the openness in the sharing with Fred and feeling that healing within my heart of masculine and feminine today. Much love and gratitude ❤️🙏🏻 Ann


Upon reflecting it feels like Ananta’s presence has amazing power to crack up the shell of separation and expose the illusions on the mind. I have a significant increase in my ability to be present for my wounded child. Ananta thank you for being of service to humanity! Namaste, KD - NY, USA


Felt so appreciative towards Alex … his openness triggered a seeing in myself around being true to my authenticity… am recently seeing the same pattern of behaviour in terms of my father and my Son .. taking on a sense of guilt and responsibilty starting way back to get their love and approval . Letting that go feels wierd and unfamiliar but it’s coming through so strongly to be released back to them… I also appreciate you dear one for meeting and responding to Alex and in turn meeting and confirming my authentic self … blessings ♥️


I love you and that you share your love and wisdom with us.


I find this discussion is timely and clarifying for the seeker.



Wonderful session. Thank you Ananta!


I enjoyed it very much. Thanks.


Very interesting. The meditation was expansive. Thank you


I loved the powerful meditation. The compassion, patience, and caring shown by Ananta during the discussions was wonderful.


It was a wonderful event.
Technically perfectly prepared!
Thank you so much.


I enjoy very much your guidens, and I se your love, and I learn from your example